HPCP Pan Clap Schlagwerk

Can I expand the sound of my handpan? Yes, you can expand the sound of your handpan. So there is the possibility to use Handpan Add Ons. The Handpan Add Ons extend the possibilities of the handpan’s sound experience to include other facets that make your game even more versatile. Handpan Add Ons by Schlagwerk bring percussive elements into play, which are particularly suitable for live performances. The concept of the Cajon extensions was adapted to the handpans and valued to the most flexible and simple monthly possible. Thus, the…

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How can I optimally care for my Opsilon? An Opsilon Handpan is a delicate instrument and requires proper care. Here’s how to do it right. Traveling with Your Handpan When traveling with your handpan, always store it in a dry bag. Never store the instrument in a damp container. If it gets wet from rain, thoroughly clean both the instrument and the bag, and let them dry before playing again. The same goes for your bag; let it dry before the next use. If it’s raining outside, wait until it…

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