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Handpan beginner's guide - Part 1


If you consider buying an Handpan, the first thing you start with is the selection of a scale. You can use Youtube as a research tool to find the perfect fit for you, there is a lot of Handpan music available. Check which Handpans your favorite artists use and get inspired. We often recommend the D minor Handpan as a beginner instrument due to the variety of songs you can play with it. Added to that, there are 9 tone and 11 tone Handpans as a standard instrument (you can add more tones as an advanced player). Because of the increasing complexity a 9 tone instrument is better suited for a beginner. When you have found your perfect Handpan you can choose a style or a color you like best.

Choose your Maker

The next step you must make is choosing a Handpan maker. This is not easy because there are many talented makers around the world. But there are also just as many dubious ones. Check out our upcoming Blog entry: How to see if it is a high quality Handpan. There we will explain what you must pay attention to and why it is important to have a high-quality instrument.

Of course, it has its advantages to choose a local maker. You can go there and choose your perfect instrument. Added to that you can just go there quickly to have your Handpan retuned if a warranty is included. We give you a 5-year warranty because we are convinced of the high-quality products we sell.

If your selection is on someone far away, it is really important to check the packaging method. Even the slightest external influences can detune your Handpan. Therefore, the Handpan needs to be shipped in a Handpan hardcase. That is why we use the HandpanCare fiberglass or the PU zipper case for every order. In our opinion these hardcases are one of the best products on the market at the moment.

If the Handpan is made especially for you, you have to expect a waiting time of about 4 weeks. Some makers have Handpans in stock which is not always the case.

The manufacturing process takes that long because the Handpan gets burned and tuned a lot of times. Added to that it is 100% handmade.

Take Care and Learn

Great! Now you have your own Handpan at home. To play the instrument for a long time in high quality, you have to take care of it with the right Handpan care products. Online you can find a lot of different things that all work different. We represent the opinion that oil is not the best way to protect the handpan from rust, corrosion, dust, and dirt. Therefore, we use TurtleCare, a liquid based on ceramics to protect it.

Now that you have the right equipment – you are ready to start learning and playing the instrument. Playing Handpan is mostly intuitive unlike a piano or violin. But there are a few techniques that help you to get the most out of your Handpan. These techniques you can easily learn in personal workshops or online workshops. For example, we offer a free online beginner workshop with every instrument we sell.

We hope this post helps you with your decision. If there are any more questions do not hesitate to contact us by email: info@opsilon.de

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