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Handpan Guide for Beginners - Part 1: Is every beginning difficult?

If you have seen the Handpan instrument and are wondering, "Can I actually play this?"

The answer upfront is yes, in a few weeks, you will be able to master the Handpan well enough to play effectively on this unique instrument. Unlike some other instruments, the Handpan doesn't require a long adjustment period. Especially with guidance from Rafael and Kate during one of their workshops, your learning curve can be significantly shortened. This Handpan guide is designed to support you on your musical journey.


If you are considering buying a Handpan, you should always start with choosing the scale that resonates with you the most. To find the perfect instrument, you can use YouTube as a research tool, where you can discover a plethora of Handpan music by talented artists. Check which Handpan your favorite artist uses and let yourself be inspired.

We often recommend starting with a D minor Handpan as a beginner's instrument, as it is widely popular and frequently used.

The standard Handpan comes in 9-tone and 11-tone variations (advanced players can add more notes later). Since more tones introduce increased complexity, a 9-tone instrument is better suited for beginners. After finding your perfect Handpan, you can then choose the style or color that appeals to you the most.

Choosing the Manufacturer:

The next step is selecting the manufacturer. This can be challenging because there are many high-quality manufacturers worldwide, but there are also many unscrupulous ones.

Opting for a local manufacturer has its advantages. You can personally inspect the instrument's quality and choose one in person. Plus, if there's a tuning issue, you can get it resolved locally without lengthy delays, at least if it comes with a tuning guarantee. We provide a 5-year guarantee because we are confident in the high quality of our Handpans.

If you decide to order a Handpan from a distant location, it is crucial to check the packaging method. Even minor external influences can cause your Handpan to go out of tune. Therefore, the Handpan must be delivered in a Handpan hard case. That's why we use the HandpanCare fiberglass hard case or the PU zipper case for every order. In our opinion, these hard cases are currently among the best products on the market.

If a Handpan is custom-made for you, be prepared for a waiting period. Currently, our waiting time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. The manufacturing process takes time as the Handpan often needs to be heated and retuned. Additionally, it's entirely handmade.

Take care and Learn Diligently: Great! Now you finally have your own Handpan at home. To ensure you can play the instrument with high-quality sound for a long time, it's important to use the right maintenance products.

You can find various products online, each claiming to work differently. We believe that oil is not the best way to protect the Handpan from rust, corrosion, dust, and dirt. That's why we use TurtleCare, a ceramic-based liquid.

Now that you have the right equipment, you can start learning and playing the instrument.

Playing the Handpan is quite intuitive compared to playing the piano or violin. There are some techniques that allow you to quickly create beautiful sounds and melodies. You can learn these techniques in one of our workshops. However, discipline is required because without regular practice, your progress in playing will stagnate.

We hope this post helps you with your decision. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: https://opsilon.de/en/pages/contact

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