Ab sofort: Für jede verkaufte Handpan wird ein Baum gepflanzt!

A tree will be planted for every handpan sold!

Sustainability is an issue that affects us all.

That's why we now have a new offer for you: from now on, for every handpan that we sell, a tree will be donated via iplantatree.

Iplantatree is a project for sustainable forestry: the trees are planted by professional foresters in near-natural mixed forests in various places in Germany.

A single hectare of forest binds around 10-12 tons of CO₂ per year. But forests are not only good for the climate: they also make a valuable contribution to the water balance, improve air quality and are home and retreat for thousands of species of plants, animals and fungi.

If you buy a handpan from us, you will receive a personalized certificate from us. You can also track where your tree is planted.

Let's make the earth a little bit greener together 🌱

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