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  • D Kurd Handpan
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Opsilon Handpan

D Minor 9 Handpan - Antique - 440 Hz - Opsilon Instruments

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Deutsch: Um dein Handpan beim Versand zu sichern, musst du ein Fiberglas Hardcase oder PU Zipper Case dazu bestellen. Du kannst ohne Hardcase bestellen, wenn du dein Handpan bei uns abholen möchtest.

English: To secure your Handpan during shipping, you must order a Fiberglass Hardcase or PU Zipper Case. You can order without hardcase if you want to pick up your handpan from us.
The Opsilon handpan. Handmade in sweets.

It is a D-Minor handpan with 9 tones in antique and 440 Hz.

Scale: D/A Bb C D E F G A

The Opsilon handpan, handmade in Süßen, Germany.

Our D-Minor handpan is the most purchased and is a beginner-friendly instrument. She is played by Kate Stone in her video for "Urban".

Handpans that are in stock can be ordered without the usual waiting time of 4-6 weeks. The handpan will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

The D Minor handpan scale is also known as D minor or D Kurd.
This scale is very popular in the handpan world. This is because the scale really pampers the ears and harmonizes wonderfully with other musical instruments. The sound can be described as mystical, meditative and dreamlike. The intuitive playing style of the scale fits perfectly with the intuitive playing style of the handpan.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the D-Minor handpan scale and let yourself be enchanted by its seductive sound. The hypnotizing tones take you on an emotional journey and ignite your creative passion. You'll find yourself in a trance-like state as you playfully explore this handpan scale.

The D-Minor handpan scale opens the gates to a world of musical possibilities. Their sounds fit seamlessly into ensembles, bands and recordings, allowing you to play effortlessly with other musicians. Whether you play solo or perform in a group, the D-Minor handpan scale will delight you and others with its expressiveness and ability to convey emotions.

With the Opsilon D-Minor your musical journey has just begun.

The antique handpans are very special works of art, each pattern is absolutely unique and therefore something special.

Skala Vorschau

Noten: D / A Bb C D E F G A (C) (D)