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  • Pygmy Skala Handpan
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Opsilon Handpan

F2 Low Pygmy Handpan - Stainless Steel

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Deutsch: Um dein Handpan beim Versand zu sichern, musst du ein Fiberglas Hardcase oder PU Zipper Case dazu bestellen. Du kannst ohne Hardcase bestellen, wenn du dein Handpan bei uns abholen möchtest.

English: To secure your Handpan during shipping, you must order a Fiberglass Hardcase or PU Zipper Case. You can order without hardcase if you want to pick up your handpan from us.
The Opsilon Handpan. Handmade in sweets.

Scale: F2 / F G G# C D# F G G#

Handpans that are in stock can be ordered without the usual waiting time of 4-6 weeks. The handpan will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

The pygmy scale, also known as the pygmy scale or pygmy scale, originated with the pygmies, an ethnic group living in the Central African rainforests. The Pygmies are known for their unique musical traditions and their use of special scales, which play an important role in their culture.

The Pygmies use these special scales in their music to create complex rhythmic structures and polyphonic chants. They use a variety of instruments such as mouth bows, woodwinds and percussion to create their unique musical expressions.

The pygmy scale has also had an impact on the world music scene outside of the pygmy culture. Musicians and composers have integrated them into their works and used them as inspiration for new musical ideas. The mesmerizing sounds and rhythms of the Pygmy scale contribute to the diversity and enrichment of the global musical landscape.

Thus, the Pygmy scale has become a popular handpan scale that is gaining popularity.