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Handpan Purchase in Germany: E-Phrygian Scale - Opsilon Handpan Beginner Package - E-Phrygian

Handpan Purchase in Germany: E-Phrygian Scale - Opsilon Handpan Beginner Package - E-Phrygian

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Deutsch: Um dein Handpan beim Versand zu sichern, musst du ein Fiberglas Hardcase oder PU Zipper Case dazu bestellen. Du kannst ohne Hardcase bestellen, wenn du dein Handpan bei uns abholen möchtest.

English: To secure your Handpan during shipping, you must order a Fiberglass Hardcase or PU Zipper Case. You can order without hardcase if you want to pick up your handpan from us.

All of our handpans are crafted in Süssen, Germany. Not only that, but each of our handpans is handmade in Süssen.

Musical Origins:

Chill & Jazz: These genres are often characterized by their improvisational nature, free-flowing style, and unique sonic expressions. The presence of jazzy notes like E contributes to creating a cool, relaxed atmosphere synonymous with jazz.

This package includes:

  • Opsilon Handpan in E-Phrygian (440 Hz)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • 100 ml ceramic coating (TurtleCare), specially designed for handpans
  • A PU zipper hard case, protecting the handpan during shipping and for many years, color: Black
  • 50 € voucher for any workshop with Rafael, in 73079 Süssen
  • Access to our video tutorials
  • 5-year warranty (free retuning of the instrument)
  • Free shipping within the EU

Egyptian: Egyptian music is rich in history and is characterized by the use of unique scales, often involving quarter tones. This handpan scale doesn't include quarter tones, but the combination of notes creates a flavor that can evoke Middle Eastern music.

Meditative: Instruments like handpans are often associated with meditation due to their soothing and melodic sounds. The E tone can be grounding and help the listener enter a state of relaxation and contemplation.


Soothing: The repetitive sound of handpan notes, especially in a meditative playing style, can be incredibly calming. The specific notes in this scale, such as E, D, and F, can produce deep resonance, grounding the listener.

Playful and adventurous: The presence of notes like A and B offers a playful dynamic range that can be utilized for adventurous and uplifting beats.

Technical Aspects:

The drum is in the key of E, which can produce a fundamental and resonance tone.

With 9 notes, players have a versatile range to experiment with melodies, rhythms, and harmonies.

The use of rubber mallets suggests that this particular drum may have a unique sound quality when struck with mallets compared to hands.

We are the only provider on the market offering a 5-year warranty for all instruments.

Scale: E / B C D E F G A B

Handpans that are in stock can be ordered without the usual wait time of 2 to 3 months. The handpan will be shipped within 3-5 working days.

The scale is highly harmonious, making it suitable for beginners. Even someone with no musical background can easily pick up the handpan and create beautiful sounds. The nature of the handpan is intuitiveness; it encourages exploration and playfulness, and the familiarity of the chord combinations can be pleasing to both players and listeners.

In summary, this handpan scale offers a seductive blend of Eastern mysticism and the playful, improvisational vibrations of jazz. The soothing and grounding notes make it perfect for meditative practices, while its more playful notes allow for experimentation and expression. Whether you're an experienced musician or just starting out, this handpan provides a unique and harmonious experience.

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