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HandpanCare X Deuter + "TOP Protection" – Handpan Backpack (Softbag)

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The Deuter backpack is now available with "TOP Protection" at a special price.
We always recommend using "TOP Protection" when transporting a soft bag.

The latest innovation from HandpanCare is the new Handpan backpack. This special backpack is a cooperation between Opsilon and HandpanCare.
This high-quality product is designed to transport your Handpan. It is black with some red highlights on the zips. It has side pockets with zips and is on the leash of the carrying system. Four larger pockets are on the front, which is helpful for long trips where you can save some extra pockets. It can be classified as a soft case, but can also be modified to a hard case with additional HandpanCare Top Protections. This backpack is very comfortable and easy to carry, making it perfect for everyday use.