Handpan Workshop with Kate Stone

Handpan Workshop with Kate Stone

This popular workshop from Kate Stone will introduce you playing on the handpan. You can discover and experience this magical instrument and Kate will give you all the tools you need to start & continue to play on your own.

Handpans from Opsilon Instruments will be provided for each participant. With the exclusive chance to buy one directly! Normally there is a waiting-list of at least 2 months for an Opsilon handpan…

Workshop: groups of around 20 participants. One Workshop lasts 2 h and costs 85 €.
A whole weekend costs 150 € and lasts 4h. 

The exact times are: Sa 16:00-18:00, So 11:00-13:00

Limited places – registration via [email protected]

It takes place in Süßen: the Workshop will take place in the headquaters of Opsilon inside of Süßen. You’ll have the chance to visit the place where all Opsilons are born 🙂


Beginner Workshop

  • 4,/5. January
  • 1./2. February
  • 7./8. March
  • 4./5. April
  • 2./3. May
  • 6./7. Juni
  • 4./5. July
  • 1./2. August
  • 5./6. September
  • 3./4. October
  • 7./8. November
  • 5./6. December

Fortgeschrittener Workshop

  • 15./16. Februar

Internationaler Osterkurs

  • 13.4 – 18.4.2020

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