Opsilon Workshop Trailer

Opsilon Workshop Trailer

Dear Opsilon Handpan family,

Many projects are ahead and the time has come to present you at least some results. We work hard on exciting ideas and we hope, they will soon see the light of the world.

The workshop for advanced players is the first step, to offer you an expanded program.

Additionally we want to add, that you should check out Rafaels Spotify Account the next days, as we will upload his full discography.

Now you can find a price information below the “workshop dates”.

Dear friends,

Time has passed since the last time we gave you an update. So, we wanted to share with you, what we are currently working on. This newsletter will focus the news regarding the workshop and our new home. So, the whole Opsilon Team want so to say thank you! Thank you for your support, your trust, your love and your patience. We were busy to go forth with the reconstruction of our new headquarter in Süßen, Germany. Now we can present visitors our park and our seminar room, where our workshops take place. We can say now, that there are truly no obstacles which cannot be overcome if you believe in yourself and if you trust those who believe in you.

The Opsilon Team

Workshops with Rafael Sotomayor

Until now only Kate Stone was giving the beginner workshop, but the last time (14.09/15.09) marked the beginning of regularly starring Rafael in the leading role of pesenting the beginner lessons to you, an introduction to the handpan world.

Workshops for advanced Players

Because of the two alternating now on the regular workshop, there is space for a new kind of workshop. The advanced workshop is directed at players with a decent experience, so that they can grow even further. This is the first time we can offer you the option to explore the possibilities of the handpan with Rafael. The workshop focusses on harmony, rhythm and composition.

Trailer of the Opsilon Experience:

Here is a Trailer for all of those who want to see our new place and have an impression of how the workshops are. Feel free to share the video.

Our new home: Süßen

The relocation from Berlin to Süßen was not easy and a lot of work is behind us. We challenged ourselves in every aspect, to achieve our goal of a peaceful, quiet place, full of inspiration for new ideas. Our park is open for every visitor. We will always have around ten scales ready for you to try on. We are so happy having found this place and we want to share all joy with you.

If you want to visit us, please contact us first via email, to ensure that someone will be there who can take some time for you.

Workshop Dates

  • 5./6. Okt: Rafael
  • 2./3. Nov: Rafael & Kate
  • 30./1. Dez: Rafael & Kate

Prices: 85€ one day, both Days: 150€

Advanced Workshop:

  • 16/17.Nov: Rafael

Prices: 85€ one Day, both Days: 150€

For more Informations:

Kate’s Website:

Kate’s email for registration: [email protected]

Follow Us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/opsilonhandpan/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5O3cVKau3UyPT4ZuyRsGBA


Rafael https://open.spotify.com/artist/0JC2D0DaUz9IYgylti3awk
Kate: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1uuTWnnSPHQMX8ZHi1XTN9

From now on there will some regular Updates!

With love,
The Opsilon Team

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