Payment Methods

Pay with PayPal

Buy your Opsilon Handpan with peace of mind. PayPal Buyer Protection covers your purchase. Not that we would ever disappoint you on purpose!

We also offer you to buy your handpan on paypal installments with 0% interest! This service is only possible for customers with a paypal account in Germany.

Pay with Klarna

Klarna offers various payment options. You can either buy the product directly and pay 14 days after receiving the goods, or finance it with an installment purchase.

In the first case, you have to give your name and your email address and Klarna will pay us the bill. Klarna will contact you later and you within 14 days to pay Klarna.

In the second case, Klarna gives you the following options:

A fixed installment plan: You can opt for a fixed monthly amount.

Or flexible payment: you can decide how much you want to pay each month (specified minimum amount, more or the full amount)

Klarna carries out an identity and credit check to ensure that the information provided is correct. Klarna also wants to make sure that the order really came from you. When shopping with the payment method installment purchase, Klarna is also legally obliged to check the customer’s creditworthiness before concluding the contract in order to protect you from private over-indebtedness.

If your payment has been declined, you can request the reason from Klarna and decide on another payment method. Alternatively, you can complete your order with us by transfer the amount using your order number.

Klarna is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and the USA. Payment options may vary between countries. For more information about Klarna, see

Pay with Credit Card

Buy your Opsilon Handpan using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your transaction is handled by Stripe which processes your payment and ensures your card details are safe. Your full card details are never saved online.

Pay via Bank Transfer

If you don’t have a credit card, you can simply pay via bank transfer. Please note that this will add a few days to process your order.