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Our unique handpans are a work of art. Each instrument is manually tuned to produce perfect notes. Please note that it is required to purchase a Hardcase to protect the instrument for storage and transport.



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The Opsilon Handpan. Handcrafted in Süßen Germany.

Scale: D / A Bb C D E F G A
440 Hz (you can order in 432 as well)

Our typical styles are:

Golden Dimples
Crazy Gold

Just click on the little symbol below to choose the style you want.
If an instrument is in stock you will see a text popping up below the styles, showing you that we have one ready to buy now.
Our D-Minor Handpan is the one that is bought the most and it is a beginner-friendly instrument. It is played in Kate Stones Video Urban.
And it is the scale used in one of our workshops.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 26 cm

Antique, Blue, Crazy Gold, Golden Dimples, Silver


D / A Bb C D E F G A


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