Scale Classifications

We recommend you to listen to different Handpan scales. Try to find out which scales fit your mood best. Scales can be cheerful, sad, melancholic, mystical, mysterious, etc. Try to find that particular scale that speaks to you, that you can connect with deep inside you.

Should you need any help, we offer you guidance to find your perfect Handpan. Please get in touch to make an appointment to test different Handpan scales at Opsilon. We love to have visitors at our place so have no worries contacting us.

Most Wanted

If you are new to music or percussion and have little to no musical background and you simply don’t know which scale to choose, we would recommend on of our most wanted scales. We know that these will give you an easy introduction into the melodic world of handpans.


These scales have a warm, soothing sound. They unfold a mystical sound cluster that lets you start dreaming. It’s a sound that comes directly from the soul. They are ideal for meditation, yoga and other activities that bring body and mind into harmony, especially after a stressful day at work.


Deep variations of the meditative ladder give you the feeling of autumn, a play full of colour blazes of different leaves, softly rustling in the wind. These instruments will surround you by its magic spell.


Enthusiasm and high spirits of this ladder are a beautiful contrast to all generally classified melancholic instruments. You will not want to miss these happy sounds, especially if you are having a bad day. They will warm your heart and fill it with pure soulfulness.


These ladder features ambitious and eccentrical scale sounds. The exotic sounds of a D Saladin, move the player and his listeners into a story of The Book of the Thousand Nights and Night. Jazzy Handpans offer a variety of influences with a wide range of possibilities, ideal for experienced players. There is no need for beginners to be put off, as the instruments are very intuitive.


Mutants are Handpans, in which the actual scale has been extended by additional sound fields, often found at the front of the instrument. Opsilon Handpans can have up to 21 musical notes. Each Mutant Handpan is customizable of each scale, the most common scale is D-Minor with additional notes.

If you desire specific notes or a specific scale, we can individually customize your instrument. With our experience, we can advise you and create a Handpan matching your needs. We can do any instrument if you wish so.