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Handpan Top Protection | HandpanCare

Handpan Top Protection | HandpanCare

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The Handpan Top-Protection is specially designed for transporting a handpan in a soft bag, like the HandpanCare outdoor backpack.

Material: ABS
Size: 59 cm, max. 54 cm Handpans (56 cm with edges)
Thickness: 4 cm
Weight: 0,95kg

The Top-Protection protective cover has an inner layer of removable fine foam. It is extremely light and therefore optimal for a more comfortable transport.

If you don't have a hardcase, this sleeve will protect your Handpan from minor collisions, for example when it is transported in a soft bag. If you use a backpack, use the Top-Protection on the side that does not rest against your back.

Another option is to create a case yourself from two Top Protection sleeves by taping them around a Handpan. This additionally contributes to a safer transport.

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