Handpan History

The Handpan is a musical instrument inspired by the steel drum from Trinidad Tobago and the Gatham from India. The Handpan is made of specially manufactured hardened steel and has a very strong resonance with many overtones, setting the listener or player into a meditative state as soon as it resonates.

The instrument is melodic and percussive. It is played with the hands, best placed in the lap of the player. Rhythm and harmony fuse together in the Handpan, a soulful instrument with a unique sound thanks to the great variety of more than 30 different scales.

Every instrument has 8-9 sounds and each scale has a different timbre, allowing the player to explore the instrument and its sonic dimensions individually and playfully. Since it is a melodic-percussive instrument, it appeals to both, percussionists and players of melodic instruments.

With only around 5 kg in weight and easy transportability, the Handpan is suitable for frequent travelers and mobile musicians.

The Handpan can be used as an accompaniment for different meditations and sound therapeutic measures and as a traditional instrument for music production.