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Buy available handpans directly

You can buy selected handpans from us without waiting! Here you will find a hand-picked selection of ready-to-ship handpans that meet the highest standards. If you choose a handpan that is in stock, the usual waiting time of at least 2-3 months is eliminated. You can order your Opsilon handpan directly and it will be sent to you within 1-3 working days. (Of course you can also pick it up) If a handpan is not available for immediate purchase but is available for pre-order, it will be marked. "This instrument is on pre-order and takes about 3 to 4 months" - Then the instrument will be built for you in that style. (There may be deviations as these are unique items.)

Are you looking for a specific scale that you can't find with us? So just ask us, we can build any scale for you.

If you are interested in an instrument but are not sure, write to us and we will send you a video as a sound example.

The Opsilon Handpan is handcrafted with love and care by experienced handpan maker Rafael Sotomayor. Each handpan is unique and tells its own musical story. Let yourself be captivated by the magical sounds of our handpans.

Our inventory is updated regularly, but handpans are not always available in stock. So keep an eye out regularly. The photos you see here show the current handpans that are for sale (if they are for immediate purchase) if they are marked for pre-order, the picture shows an example instrument. It's worth checking again and again, especially for more specific scales. 

Discover our unique handpans and start your own musical journey. With the handpans in stock you can get started straight away. If you don't like one, you are welcome to come over to try it out or have one made according to your wishes and needs.
Handpan D-Moll Tonleiter

Looking for something special?

Create your own customised Opsilon. Choose your preferred scale and from our 6 unique designs. The Opsilon handpan starts from €1850.

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