• 5 years warranty

    We have great confidence in our instruments. Every Opsilon Handpan comes with a 5-year tuning guarantee.

  • Unique instruments

    Each Opsilon is handmade and tuned to perfection by Rafael Sotomayor in Süßen, Germany. The Opsilon Handpan is the result of years of research into materials, sound and form.

  • Made in Germany

    Jede Opsilon wird in Süßen, Deutschland, von Rafael Sotomayor handgefertigt.

  • Unmatched support

    It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player. We offer workshops for everyone. Learn to master your Opsilon.

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Ein Baum pro Handpan

Für jede von uns verkaufte Handpan wird ein Baum gespendet. Die Pflanzung erfolgt durch das Projekt "I Plant a Tree" an verschiedenen Standorten in ganz Deutschland.

Test the Opsilon and get free advice!

You want to take a closer look at handpans?
We offer you a free 1-hour meeting without any obligation! 😊
You will be shown the basics of playing handpans, can try out different instruments and receive information about the differences between scales and materials. We always have around 15 instruments on site, including five different D-minors. Compared to buying online (4-6 weeks waiting time), you have the possibility to buy a handpan on the spot.

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Our scales

Every handpan we make has its own character. Some scales feel driving and exciting, others calm and meditative, exotic or mystical. Not sure which scale is right for you? Here you can find more information about the different scales as well as various sound examples of our handpans.

About the scales

Handpan mieten

Wir bieten dir die Möglichkeit, eine Handpan zu mieten, um das Spielen in Ruhe für dich auszuprobieren und zu entdecken. Falls du dich dann zum Kauf entscheidest, wird die Mietgebühr auf den Kaufpreis angerechnet.

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Our Handpans

For more videos, product demos and fantastic music, visit our channel on YouTube.

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Angebote für Partner und Musikschulen

Wir bieten besondere Angebote für Musikschulen und Partner an. Wenn ihr an einer Kooperation mit uns interessiert seid, kontaktiert uns gerne.