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For Preorder: HandpanCare Handpan Wall Mount

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The wall mount is currently only available as a pre-order. It will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for new ones to be delivered. You can pre-order your wall mount here. Delivery will take place as soon as new ones are available.

HandpanCare's handpan wall mount is the safe way to store your Opsilon! Compatible with all common handpan sizes and supplied fully assembled, this wall mount is a must-have for any handpan lover.

Due to high demand, the current batch is sold out, but don't worry! You can pre-order the handpan wall mount now and we will send it to you as soon as stocks become available again - approximately four weeks from now.

The handpanCare wall mount offers the ideal solution for storing your handpan safely and stylishly. Because the wall mount is the best way to present your handpan and have it ready to hand. Remember that the handpan should never be stored in a hard case for a long time, so we recommend the wall bracket. We ourselves store our handpans in the seminar room on wall brackets.

The handpan wall mount comes fully assembled so you can start installing it straight away. Its dimensions of 15 cm in height, 21 cm in diameter and 11.5 cm in length ensure that your handpan hangs securely and stably on the wall.

Size: Height: 15cm, diameter: 21cm, rod length: 11.5cm 
Material: Wood, cork, rubber, metal