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Opsilon Handpan

HandpanCare Bamboo Tripod for Handpans

HandpanCare Bamboo Tripod for Handpans

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Enhance your handpan playing experience with the bamboo handpan stand! Perfect for playing while seated or standing, this tripod offers natural stability thanks to 100% bamboo poles. The hard foam caps on the upper ends ensure a secure hold without dampening frequencies. Ideal for recording, the stand doesn't detract from the unique sound of your handpan. The angle is adjustable with a steel center joint.

Bamboo Handpan Stand Features:
  • Natural stability through 100% bamboo poles
  • Available in two different heights
  • Angle adjustable with steel center joint
  • Hard foam caps for a secure hold
  • Does not affect frequencies, ideal for recording

Experience reliable craftsmanship and expand your musical freedom with this valuable accessory. Order your Bamboo Handpan tripod today and enjoy a new level of joy and comfort while playing your handpan.


  • Height: 75cm (play sitting) or 115cm (play standing)
Note: Handpan is not included.

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