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Handpan Hardcase | PU Zipper Case | HandpanCare for Handpans

Handpan Hardcase | PU Zipper Case | HandpanCare for Handpans

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The PU Zipper Case is for those who want solid protection at a low cost. It has a similar sleek design to the fiberglass hard case, but at a much more affordable price. The PU material is not as tough as fiberglass, but provides excellent protection for your handpan. The HandpanCare PU Zipper Case offers unsurpassed value for money.

The PU Zipper Case is perfect for traveling. Our new backpack pads make carrying the PU Zipper Case as a backpack very comfortable. An integrated backpack system with straps can be completely detached from the stainless steel strap hooks. At only 2.9 kg, the case is ultra-lightweight. It is specially designed to make traveling much easier, easier than ever before.

The interior of the PU Zipper Case prevents pressure from being applied to your handpan, protecting the notes. The soft foam inserts keep the instrument secure and protected.

  • Weatherproof - 100% waterproof zipper; stainless steel strap hooks.
  • Practical - At only 2.9 kg, it can be easily carried as a backpack (a belt is included).
  • Durable - PU plastic outer shell protects your handpan
  • Excellent protection - The perfect fit and foam inserts provide high security
  • Side pocket included for a 100ml bottle of TurtleCare care product

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