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Rafael Sotomayor - Hang the Beat (CD) - Handpan Music

Rafael Sotomayor - Hang the Beat (CD) - Handpan Music

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"Hang the Beat" is a captivating CD by Rafael Sotomayor that celebrates the mesmerizing sound of the Handpan. Each track takes the listener on a journey through a world of rhythms and melodies, that are both soothing and stimulating. This collection showcases the versatile possibilities of the Handpan and the unique musical vision of Rafael Sotomayor.

The latest album by Rafael Sotomayor as a digital download (MP3).

Hang The Beat by Rafael Sotomayor


1 Tidal Wave (02:57)
2 Muse (02:11)
3 Supersonic (03:11)
4 Wanderlust (04:26)
5 The Construction of Babylon (03:19)
6 Time Line (03:46)
7 Epic (04:24)
8 Hang the Beat (02:46)
9 Asturias Flow (03:54)
10 Inner Voice (03:45)
11 Chong - Ching (04:21)
12 Tropical Behavior (04:15)
13 Nights (04:11)

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