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Rafael Sotomayor - This is not a drum (CD) - Handpan Music

Rafael Sotomayor - This is not a drum (CD) - Handpan Music

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"This Is Not A Drum" is a remarkable album by Rafael Sotomayor that puts the Handpan at the center stage, fully utilizing its sonic diversity. Sotomayor, a virtuoso Handpan player and acclaimed artist, unfolds his unparalleled skills on this CD by exploring the full spectrum of this unique instrument.

The title "This Is Not A Drum" underscores the artist's intent to regard the Handpan not merely as a percussive instrument, but also as a melody and harmony instrument. Each track on the album is an impressive demonstration of the musical variety and depth the instrument provides. With rhythms ranging from gentle and soothing to lively and driving, Sotomayor demonstrates his wide range of expression.

Whether you're already a fan of Handpan music or just discovering this extraordinary instrument, "This Is Not A Drum" offers a compelling and inspiring musical experience that you shouldn't miss.
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