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The Art of Fusion - Universum (CD) - TAOF

The Art of Fusion - Universum (CD) - TAOF

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At TAOF, music becomes an organic journey. »TheArtOfFusion« is the fusion of different musical styles, as well as the goal: music, dance and visual art

to merge. Each component retains its own individuality.

Avant-garde world music of the new generation, which fuses a variety of instruments in a lively mix. The basis of this melange consists of a meditative slope, jazzy drums, groovy bass, as well as the sounds of the guitar combined with flowing melodies and rousing rhythms. The result is a breathtaking, unforgettable show.

The Hang is a rare instrument that was only invented in Switzerland in 2000. Due to its uniqueness, as a mixture of Caribbean steel drum and Indian Gatham, as well as its non-commercialization, it conquered and enriched the world of music.

With TheArtOfFusion's compositions, its spherical sound consisting of a multitude of overtones and room-filling vibration forms an organic musical unity that defies any clear musical category.

The core of the band around handpan player Rafael Sotomayor, who founded the project in 2006, is continually supplemented by talented guest musicians and dancers from various cultures.

The audience is offered a dynamic concert that has numerous surprises in store.

ArtOfFusion introduced itself to us for the first time in 2009: »Meditative sounds and intoxicating rhythms come together. Even hip-hop fits into these sound worlds... energetic and dizzying" (FNP, July 14, 2009). They have now given two more performances and Rafael Sotomayor was the initiator as a live musician together with Frank Wolff in the dance piece 'ALIVE' to experience with us.

Immerse yourself in a world of sound, color and movement. Let yourself be enchanted for an evening by this ambience, which is and will always be a unique experience thanks to the changing multitude of different cultural and stylistic influences.

The tracklist:

1. Tidal Wave (8:02)
2. Wanderlust (6:32)
3. Asturias (5:31)
4. Home (4:29)
5. Supersonic (4:13)
6. Timeline (9:11)
7. Muse (4:05)
8. DnB Reggea (9:05)
9. Funk You (3:41)
10. Hang Express (4:23)
11. Deustad (7:02)

Universum impresses with the increased influence of electronic influences combined with classical instruments. Of course, Rafael Sotomayor's handpan is a central point of the compositions. This is how music becomes a universal language, which is the idea behind the album.
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