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TurtleCare 100 ml bottle - Handpan care lotion

TurtleCare 100 ml bottle - Handpan care lotion

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High performance ceramic based fluid for handpan players and manufacturers that applies an innovative coating to the handpan. The best choice for uncompromising protection against corrosion, dust and dirt. Only apply TurtleCare from HandpanCare to a handpan that has not been treated with oil. If the instrument has been oiled, you must first degrease it.

The TurtleCare liquid is not an oil! Therefore, TurtleCare has an important advantage: it has no negative effects on the overtones, whereas oil endangers them.

It prevents rust, is salt and fresh water resistant and extremely temperature resistant. (-40°C to +750°C). The handpan absorbs moisture, dust and organic substances from the palms and fingers due to its porous surface. An untreated handpan can affect the clarity of the tones, especially the overtones.

Shake well for 30 seconds before use, apply to the surface of the instrument and rub with a dry paper towel until the surface shines again and no traces of liquid can be seen.
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