Handpan Add-Ons and other sound enhancements.

Can I expand the sound of my handpan?

Yes, you can expand the sound of your handpan. So there is the possibility to use Handpan Add Ons. The Handpan Add Ons extend the possibilities of the handpan’s sound experience to include other facets that make your game even more versatile.

Handpan Add Ons by Schlagwerk bring percussive elements into play, which are particularly suitable for live performances. The concept of the Cajon extensions was adapted to the handpans and valued to the most flexible and simple monthly possible. Thus, the products are magnetic and adhere to the surface of many handpans (unless the surface is not magnetic). There are different options that offer different sound effects.

The Pan Clap

This Add On ensures that you can use an additional woody, warm, clap sound while playing.

The Pan Chick

This add-on ensures that you create a warm “chic” sound while playing. This can be found through the unique sound between HiHat, Ritual Rasseln, Cha Cha Nüssen or Shakern. This allows you to add more sophistication to your compositions.

The Handpan Buzz

This add-on provides a nice snare effect and gives your game an extra kick.

The Pan Shaker

This add-on is a classic shaker and probably self-explanatory. However, you should be careful with this effect, especially when placing it.

The Helmholtz cylinder

The Helmholtz cylinder from HandpanCare is inserted into the Gu of the Handpan and helps to attract disturbing frequencies. In addition, the Helmholt cylinder gives the instrument a more bass-heavy sound. How to Get an Extra Component in Your GameBald erhältlichBald erhältlich: HandpanCare Helmholtz-Zylinder

The sound of the handpan itself is very versatile and variable, but with the right additions even more sound worlds can be discovered and played on. This is how you design your game varied and have new possibilities for finding your sound.