Testing Handpans

Try out handpans (free and non-binding)

Free trial of handpans in Süßen

If you are interested in a handpan, you can make a non-binding and free appointment with us. The testing takes place in our seminar house in Süßen. 

Opsilon Seminar House:
Brunnenstrasse 48
73079 Süßen

Handpan Workshops, Lots of time for testing

If you would like to try out several instruments in detail and with instructions, you should come to one of the beginners’ workshops. There are always around 20 instruments there to try out and play. This is because we provide all participants in our workshops with an instrument at the workshop. 

Here you can find our current workshop dates.

Test a specific scale. Is that possible?

Our standard scale is the D-Minor scale. Our D-Minor scale is a popular instrument that is known from Kate Stone’s “Urban”. This means that we always have instruments of this scale available to test in our seminar house. If you are looking for a different scale, please let us know when you make the appointment so that we can make sure that we have an instrument there or let you know when the scale is available to test again. You can find some scales on our YouTube channel and get inspiration there. 

We regularly build the following scales:

Celtic Handpans
Amara Handpans
Pygmy Handpans
Aegan Handpans
Ashakiran Handpans
Hi-Jazz Handpans

Not to forget: D-Kurd Handpans / D-Minor Handpans.

In principle, we can build any scale on request. Simply use the contact form or the chat, or simply write an email or call us.

You can find more handpan scales here.

DMinor Handpans are always there, some of the more special scales that are currently available are the following: