Purchasing Policy

Purchasing and pricing policies

Handpan Purchasing Policy

  1.  To pre-order a Handpan you have to deposit 10% of the full price (possible with bank transfer) or you can pay the total amount on the shop website, you can contact us if you want to know more about our payments options.
  2. The rest of the amount will be charged when we will finish producing your Opsilon Handpan.
  3.  We offer rust warranty for nitrided instruments up to 1 month starting at the delivery time.
  4.  Instruments made of stainless steel included Ember stainless steel can change the color of the patina, we are not responsible for these changes. Still, we offer you maximum 1 week for a complaint, after receiving the instrument.
  5. Please note that the colors are not exactly the same as the example image, Handpans that are available for direct purchase may not have the same color as the example image, there is a 90% chances that the color are the same.
  6.  Prices include worldwide shipping.
  7.  We do not cover custom fees that may apply in your country.
  8.  To complete the purchasing process we will contact you and get your full details via Email or Phone.
  9.  In case that you wish to cancel your pre-ordered handpan, we will refund you the deposit minus 300€.
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