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The world of Opsilon Handpan - workshops, instruments and more

Our passion for handpans

The Opsilon Handpan is one of the first handpans ever and was first completed in 2011. At Opsilon Instruments, we are committed to creating instruments of unsurpassed quality and sound. Each of our handpans is handmade with great care and attention to detail in Süßen, Germany. A handpan will only be offered for sale if Rafael is 100% satisfied with it. Because a handpan is more than just an instrument.

Tailor-made handpans for everyone
Our handpans are made of either nitrided steel, ember steel or titanium steel and are characterized by their robustness and excellent sound quality. We build every scale and even with the number of notes it is possible to add up to 21 tone fields to the instrument. Each handpan is shipped with a high-quality hardcase from HandpanCare so that your handpan arrives safely and in style.

First steps - Our workshops
We firmly believe that music is a universal language that anyone can learn. That's why we offer workshops in Süßen, Baden-Württemberg. Our workshops are aimed at beginners, but also at experienced musicians who want to discover the world of handpan music. Rafael and Kate guide you through the basics of the game, from the first shots to advanced techniques. If you would like to find out more in advance, you will find a beginner's guide here that will show you the first steps on the handpan.

Give the gift of music - our workshop vouchers
Looking for a unique gift? Our workshop vouchers are the perfect gift for music enthusiasts or those curious who want to immerse themselves in the world of handpan music. These vouchers offer flexibility and are a wonderful way to give someone an unforgettable musical experience.

We accompany you on your path
We at Opsilon Handpan look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your musical journey. What would you like to read more about? Do you have ideas, suggestions? Feel free to write to us.

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