Collection: The most popular handpans

The most popular handpan scales

We are overjoyed that we can accompany people who embark on their musical journey with an Opsilon handpan. The Opsilon Handpan is made by one of the most experienced makers, Rafael Sotomayor. Here you will find the most popular handpans that have been bought the most so far. Maybe this can inspire you to make your own handpan selection. We are available to advise you personally and to explain to you all the important information about our Opsilon handpans and what you should generally pay attention to when buying a handpan. You are welcome to make a free appointment to try out, or purchase an instrument directly from us in the shop.

C# Amara Handpan Nitrided 440 Hz

C# / G# B C# D# E F# G# B

Annaziska Handpan nitrided- 440 Hz

C# / G# A B C# D# E F# G#

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Celtic Minor B2 Handpan 440 Hz - Golden Dimples

B  /F# A B C# D E F# A

D minor / Kurd nitrided Handpan - 440 Hz

D / A Bb C D E F G A

D minor 11 nitrided - 440 Hz

D / A Bb C D E F G A (C) (D)

D minor 13 Handpan nitrided - 440 Hz

D / (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A (C) (D)

D minor 13 Handpan - Embersteel

D / (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A (C) (D)

Pygmy Handpan 440 Hz nitrided

F / G Ab C Eb F G Ab C

Pygmy Handpan 440 Hz Ember Steel

(D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 C#4 E4 F#4 G#4 A4 C#5 E5 F#5 G#5

G2 Hijaz 11 Handpan 440 Hz Ember Steel

G2/ (D F) G Ab B C D Eb F G