Handpan Workshops in Baden-Württemberg

Handpan Workshops in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Unique handpan workshops in Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Music is a universal language that awakens emotions and creates connections. One of the most fascinating ways to immerse yourself in the world of music is the handpan - a mystical instrument that has its roots in Switzerland. And now you have the opportunity to discover this wonderful instrument in Baden-Württemberg at our unique handpan workshops.

The fascination of the handpan

The handpan, also known as the hang drum, has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world in recent years. It consists of two curved steel sheets that are welded together and form a kind of singing bowl. By gently striking the different areas of the handpan, beautiful, calming tones are created that captivate the listener. The handpan creates an atmosphere of calm and spirituality and is often referred to as a "magical" instrument.

Opsilon Instruments: Quality and passion

The Opsilon handpan is the focus of our workshops. Opsilon Instruments is a renowned company specializing in the production of handpans. Their instruments are characterized by exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The Opsilon handpans have a warm, inviting sound that touches the soul.

Our workshops

Our handpan workshops in Baden-Württemberg offer the perfect opportunity to experience the fascination of the handpan for yourself. Whether you are an experienced musician or a beginner, our workshops are suitable for all ages and music levels. You don't need any previous knowledge - just the willingness to immerse yourself in the world of the handpan and discover new sounds.

Our experienced instructors will guide you step by step through the basics of handpan skills. You will learn how to play the different areas of the handpan, create melodies and create emotional music. Our workshops are interactive and fun, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you progress.

You can find the dates of our workshops here.

Discover the magic of the handpan

The handpan is more than just a musical instrument - it is a way to express yourself and share emotions. You can experience this magic for yourself in our handpan workshops in Baden-Württemberg. The Opsilon Handpan will enchant you with its mesmerizing sounds and you will discover a new passion for music.

Are you ready to be convinced by the fascination of the handpan and the quality of Opsilon Instruments? Join our workshops and immerse yourself in the world of handpan music. Register today and let yourself be inspired by the magic of this unique instrument. We look forward to welcoming you to our workshops in Baden-Württemberg!

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