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Opsilon Handpan

The D Minor 9 Handpan - 440 Hz, Ember Steel | Handpan drum for Beginners:

The D Minor 9 Handpan - 440 Hz, Ember Steel | Handpan drum for Beginners:

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Deutsch: Um dein Handpan beim Versand zu sichern, musst du ein Fiberglas Hardcase oder PU Zipper Case dazu bestellen. Du kannst ohne Hardcase bestellen, wenn du dein Handpan bei uns abholen möchtest.

English: To secure your Handpan during shipping, you must order a Fiberglass Hardcase or PU Zipper Case. You can order without hardcase if you want to pick up your handpan from us.

The Handpan drum for Beginners

The Opsilon D-Minor handpan with 9 tones and 440 Hz is the ideal instrument for beginners but also an instrument for all kinds of musicians and music lovers out there.

But why is this an Handpan drum for beginners? 
Because many songs, compositions and of course tutorials for these exist, which makes it a lot easier to learn and master the scale. But also many workshops around the world are held with this scale. 

A bonus is that, if you purchase this package, you get everything you need to start your journey.

Scale: D/A Bb C D E F G A

The Opsilon handpan, handmade in Süßen, Germany.

Our D-Minor handpan is the most purchased and is a beginner-friendly instrument. She is played by Kate Stone in her video for "Urban".

Handpans that are in stock can be ordered without the usual waiting time of 2-3 months. The handpan will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

This package contains:
- Opsilon handpan with D-minor scale (440 Hz)
- Microfiber cloth
- 100 ml ceramic coating (TurtleCare), especially for handpans
- A PU zipper hard case black
- 50 € voucher for any workshop at Rafael, in 73079 Süßen
- Access to our video tutorials
- 5 year guarantee (free tuning of the instrument)
- Free shipping within the EU

The handpan is sold out or do you want a custom-made instrument? Then you will find all the options here.

Skala Vorschau

Noten: D / A Bb C D E F G A (C) (D) View full details