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Opsilon Handpan

D Minor - Ember Steel - Stainless steel Handpan by Opsilon

D Minor - Ember Steel - Stainless steel Handpan by Opsilon

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The Opsilon Handpan. Handmade in Süßen.

Scale: D / A Bb C D E F G A

The Opsilon Handpan made of Ember Steel, handmade in Süßen, Germany.

Our D-Minor Handpan is the most sold and a beginner-friendly instrument. The nitrided steel version is played in Kate Stone's video Urban.

The Ember Steel D-Minor is a fascinating instrument. Our stainless steel version impresses with an attractive design and the Opsilon quality. that means there is a 5-year guarantee.

Would you like to try one of the legendary Opsilon D-Minor? Then visit us in Süßen for a free consultation. (Please make an appointment beforehand.) Not only can you try out instruments on site, you can also buy a handpan directly.

The handpan needs up to 3 months to be built.
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