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Opsilon Handpan

Opsilon handpan package D Minor 15 with fiberglass hard case

Opsilon handpan package D Minor 15 with fiberglass hard case

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This package contains our most popular scale, the D Minor, in the 15-note version.

The D Minor 15 scale (C) D/ (E) (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A C D often feels mysterious, but can also sound driving, intense and even exciting depending on how it is played. In general, the D-Minor scale is the most popular and versatile handpan scale. Most experienced handpan players we know started with a D-minor handpan.

If you're still not sure what handpan scales are, check out our scale introduction page for more information about the different scales we offer and how they sound.

Choosing the right handpan is only part of the story. Handpans are delicate instruments that require love and care. For this reason, we include a HandpanCare fiberglass hard case and a complete HandpanCare cleaning set with your order.

We understand that a handpan is a serious investment for many beginners. That's why we offer 0% financing in cooperation with PayPal. You will soon be able to hold your instrument in your hands and pay for it in monthly installments, conveniently and at no additional cost.

This package contains:
Opsilon Handpan in D-Minor 15 (440 Hz or 432 Hz)
Microfiber cloth
100 ml ceramic coating (TurtleCare), especially for handpans
A fiberglass hard case that protects the handpan during shipping and for years to come, available in a variety of colors
50 € voucher for any workshop at Rafael, in 73079 Süßen
5 year guarantee (free tuning of the instrument)
Free shipping within the EU
Please note that most of our handpans are made to order. Depending on what style you want, the production time is approximately 2 to 3 months.

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