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Handpan Stand - The HandpanCare X-Stand + carrying case

Handpan Stand - The HandpanCare X-Stand + carrying case

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The brand new X-Stand tripod from HandpanCare is the result of years of development.

It is very stable, but still extremely lightweight thanks to the material (anodized aluminium parts). The height is adjustable and allows you to play standing up or sitting down.

The caps made of hard foam ensure that no vibrations are dampened.


  • lightweight (2.1kg)
  • black anodized aluminium parts guarantee stability
  • made of aluminium with hard foam caps
  • height: 60cm (minimum), 106cm (maximum)
  • adjustable with aluminium clamps
  • foam caps ensure that all frequencies sound optimal
  • ideal for audio recordings
  • includes small spirit level in the middle for leveling

You can find assembly instructions on the HandpanCare YouTube channel. 

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